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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it's a problem we've seen across the nation. >> dangerous voltage. we found it until 90 places all over the area. we'll show you potentially deadly currents that are in the places we walk every day. also pornography and women. an expert explains how it's becoming a problem in relationships. i'm andrea mccarren at union stations where there are strong reactions to a potential no ride risk to increase security on the rails. this is 9news now. but first we have late breaking news. the university of maryland has hired a brand new head basketball coach. >> sports director brett haber joins us now with the latest. >> well, it's investor as easy
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to replace a legend, but after a couple of swings and misses, maryland beliefs they have their man. texas a.m. coach mark turgeon is on his way. the 46-year-old kansas native spent the last six years taking them to the ncaa double each season. prior to that it was wichita state and the philadelphia 76ers. his dmeen demeanor may remind some of gary's mo. that according to several observers. shaun collins among those that passed on the job but mark turgeon says yes to the terps. more coming up later on in sports. derek and anita. >> thank you, brett. a controversial proposal to create a no ride list for amtrak trains is prompting some strong opinions tonight.
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>> it comes after intelligence obtained an osama bin laden compound indicated that al qaeda might be thinking of targeting the nation's rail system. andrea mccarren is live tonight at union station. she has more on what folks are saying about this idea. >> reporter: derek and anita, amtrak trains carry about 29 million passengers a year. under the senator's plan, amtrak employees would be responsible for checking passenger reservations against a no ride list. bomb sniffing dogs remain a presence at union station where amtrak officials say security hasn't been increased in recent days but vigilance has. >> we always have to look over our shoulder. we can never sleep. never shut an eye. >> reporter: new yorker glory often travels by train to dc, she is in favor of a no ride list. >> i'm absolutely for it. 100%. the more security in our country, the better. >> reporter: but janice prince knows all too well the potential for mistaken identity. >> my son has a very common name
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and i know that there have been many instances where people think he's someone else and then it turns out it's not him. and it's cost him a job. >> reporter: her son's name, bruce lee. >> we can't be looking over our shoulder on everything. because then they have us. then they won, right? >> reporter: senator schumer's plan is aimed at closing the door and he pushed for more funding for rail security. >> the economy i don't think we can stand anymore revenue hype. and i just think it's ridiculous. >> reporter: as some passengers point out, extra screening doesn't always mean extra security. >> i've walked right through security on to the plane. and they're both metal knees. that should give us all a little pause for thought. >> reporter: amtrak issued a statement today saying a no ride list would have to be developed in close coordination with the tsa and implemented in a way
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that would respect civil rights as well as allow for passengers and trains. we are live at union station, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> thank, you andrea. new tonight, pakistan with allow americans questioning of bin laden's wives. investigators want to know more about his life while he was in hiding. in the meantime, pakistan's intelligence service has now leaked the name of the cia chief and this is the second time it's happened to an american operative in the last six months. on wednesday, the white house is hosting a town hall at the museum. the president will talk about the take downof bin laden and the entirety. it all gets started at 8:00 a.m. . new at 11, investigators are trying to figure out how an
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ambulance caught fire in southeast dc. take a look at what is left. you can see the charred emergency vehicle, the ambulance was parked in the 4500-block of south capital street along with several other pieces of fire equipment. it's in the back of patricia harris elementary school. the fire did not spread and nobody was hurt. also new tonight, dc public schools will be cutting 660 teaching staff positions for the upcoming year. according to the washington examiner, the employees received their notices this week effective at the end of this school year. dcps has about 4,000 teachers and 2300 support stafrdz. they have not re -- staffers. they have not released a break down of positions getting caught. it's not just teachers, it may be a promise the city made several years ago. that's when it was trying to get approval to build a new stadium for the nationals. gary nurenberg takes a swing at that story. >> reporter: to some extent
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nationals have been in winners bringing development to a part of town that needed it. and they're beginning to pay a lot of taxes to the district. the idea was pretty simple. in exchange for paying $400 million to lure the team to dc, some of the new tax revenue generated by businesses that followed the stadium would be used for community betterment. >> we've waited patiently for this kind of promise to be kept. >> reporter: standing by the athletic field at dunbar high school, the president remembers the promise. >> it could create affordable housing. it could create new parks and rec centers. >> reporter: that was the promise in theory, anyway. >> in the last several years, the money was in the fund and then taken out by the mayor and spent on something else. and this year the money has not only been taken out, but there is some legislation to abolish the fund entirely. >> reporter: it's part of mayor vincent gray's plan to make up a
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$322 million budget deficit. >> he said we're going to balance the budget which means we'll spend no more money. >> it's politics. not a betrayal. >> reporter: as the mayor held one of his budget town meetings monday night, it will be the council to make the decision. >> did you hear the vote? >> i don't know. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: so it really isn't over until it's over. >> it's going extremely well. >> reporter: gary nurenberg, 9news now. >> when the mayor cut the deal in 2004, that was meant to generate $450 million for community betterment projects. tonight a man trusted to watch over our kids now accused of sexually assaulting a child. lawrence luchetti is a teacher and now he's accused of inappropriately touching a 12-year-old girl. the 33-year-old faces charges of in decent liberties and aggravated sexual battery. he's now been suspended until further notice and at last check
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he was being held without bond. only on 9, more than two dozen students are questioned after police make a drug bust at a middle school. fairfax county police say last week two t13-year-old boys brought marijuana to cooper middle school. the school interviewed 25 other students as part of their investigation and several of those kids could now place disciplinary action. >> marijuana may not seem like i big deal, but it's the one thing that kills ambition. it kills drive. >> it's very important. and any kind of drug is tricking people. >> police say parents ought to start talking to their kids once they reach fifth grade. that is ten years old. as far as the two teenagers are involved, more charges could come down. well, you walk past the street lights, the traffic signs, the manhole covers every day of the week and you never even really think about it. the thing is, stray volts of
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electricity are at times surging from these structures right out on to our streets. >> it is literally a shocking problem that could impact your safety, even your life. our lesli foster has more on this silent killer. >> there you go. >> reporter: there is a dangerous problem you can't see lurking just beneath the surface. >> 123 volts on the outside of the structure. >> reporter: this is a potential hazard waiting to happen. for the new jersey based power survey company, these sparks are nothing new. >> it's a problem we've seen across the nation. >> reporter: ceo tom kantenees says wires surge and it can be fatal. in a city like dc, you can walk past dozens of these hidden trouble spots every day. one wrong lean and you can end up with a current like this surging through your body. >> she had been hit by the 270 volts of electricity. >> reporter: it was a second
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inning and 14-year-old de anna green was ready to take her place at-bat. de anna leaned on the fence and then fell to the ground. >> i just didn't know what happened. >> reporter: nancy and anthony green lost tear only daughter that day five years ago. they learned wires underground made contact with the fence and electrocuted deanna. the greens home they'll use scanners to find areas with stray voltage. >> you could charge your cell phone or run your hair dryer. >> reporter: in all, they found close to 90 locations where voltage was present outside of the structure. we forwarded their results to the district's department of transportation. >> any time that a situation we uncover or is brought to our attention shows that there may be unsafe conditions, we take steps to rectify that. >> she is still with us.
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>> reporter: deanna's spirit is the one that helps them let other people know about a danger that lurks the city streets. lesli foster, 9news now. >> pepco tells us no one has been shocked or lost their lives here in dc but both the utilities and department of transportation have reviewed the list of 90 locations we showed them and are taking steps to correct those problems. topper. after a spectacular day, a spectacular evening. weather across the board, light jacket a good idea. at 7:00, grab your shades. back to the 60s by 9:00. we'll come back and tell you how long we can keep on this little streak. still ahead, porn from a woman's point of view. >> women are doing all kinds of things that men used to do because they can. >> how erotica can help or hurt a relationship.
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>> that is coming up.
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in principals george's county, new rumbling for county officer lesli johnson and they're coming from some of the people she represents. it's been nearly six months now since johnson was indicted in a corruption investigation, along with her husband jack johnson, the former county executive. but her case has still not been
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settled and some fear that johnson's legal troubles are making her ineffective on the council. let's make a deal. going forward, the montgomery county council will work directly with the union to strike a contract. today they rejected a series of proposals that would have raised employee health contributions by $3,000 a year or more. the trouble with those plans, two-thirds of county employees work to the schools and they may have to pay more to ease the burden for everybody else. >> and we could keep the increased cost, for example, to the hundreds of dollars for the average employee rather than two or three thousand dollars more in health care cost for the county employees. >> leaders of the teacher's union think it's a terrible idea. teachers are already in their third year of a salary fee and they're paying an extra 2%. hundreds more for health care is unfair. well, to many people pornography not such a dirty word anymore. >> more and more women are watching porn as a teaching tool
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or even to take home to their partners. delia gongalves spoke with experts to learn more about the growing trend. ♪ music playinmud. >> reporter: from porn to pin ups. bomb she will betty page may have been the -- shell betty page may have been the first. >> they learn from it. >> reporter: and these empty racks of porn dvds. demand is so high, they have trouble keeping the video in stock. >> we see a lot more women coming in and couples to use it as more of an aphrodisiac. >> i have seen couples who together use porn to enhance their sexual relationships. and both of them are fine with it. >> reporter: this doctor has authored books on relationships.
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the doctor credits the internet for porn popularity. >> the stigma may be going down in that a lot of people have access to it. but it's still a lot of parents don't want their children exposed to it. >> reporter: and rightly so. but the doctor says for two consenting adults fulfilling their fantasies on video can do wonders for a healthy relationship. >> the demand is incredible and the consumption ask going up and up and up. >> i don't think it's taboo anymore at this point. i think it's something that back in the days our elders or before that it was hush-hush. ♪ music playing >> reporter: like the old virginia slogan when it comes to women and porn, you've come a long way. by no way are we condoning pornography. if you're watching porn to fill a void, that can lead to a
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dangerous addition. derek. >> thank you. elvis can rest a little easier tonight. the word out of memphis, the flood waters are topping off. the levee should hold back the water. still, flood waters have swamped hundreds of homes in low lying areas. but some neighbors are staying put over concerns about looters. >> we have two evacuation notices. but you have to think for yourself. downstream in new orleans, the rising mississippi is putting to the test the levees that protect the city but engineers have taken a big step to relieve some of the pressure. they have opened flood gates. >> dicey situation. >> it is. it's almost up to 48 feet above flood stage at crest which is as high as 1997. it will slowly come down but be flooding for the next week or so and it will move downstream
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towards maryland. we're in great shape. kind of a groove. sometimes it pays to be average. let's start with the satellite picture. that is producing a miserable may night. but do you know what it's doing. it's keeping everything else away from us. so we're in between that storm system and in between this little disturbance which is going to slide to our south as we go through the day on tuesday and into tuesday night. so we're in great shape really. in fact, a great week ahead. we may not be able to get through the entire week but at least through thursday or friday morning. pleasant days and cool nights. grab your sunglasses and open the windows at night. this is say perfect time. our average high is 74. our average low is 54. sometimes it's great to be average. and that means no heat and no ac necessary, which is a good deal. overnight clear and cool. open the windows. >> not too bad if you're in the burbs. near 40 in the suburbs. winds light north and northeast at 5-10.
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good news is light winds tomorrow and then by afternoon another another fantastic day. highs near 75 and winds generally light and variable throughout the afternoon. temps pretty uniform. you might see a 76 in springfield and 76 in arlington. maybe 74 downtown. 75 or so in waldorf. and maybe 74 in reston. sterling, leesburg, 74. manassas 74. we're kind of arguing over 74. 75. that's a good argument to have. now, tomorrow we'll break it down. 7:00, 45-55. sunshine. 60s by noon and sunshine. the next three day right in the groove of average. mid 70s tuesday, wednesday and thursday and dry right on through thursday. now, here is the deal. as we get into friday, a weak system approaches. throws some clouds our way late in the day. might produce a shower by evening. but it's not going to be a washout.
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so we're almost going to make it through the entire week but just pretty much perfect weather. the bad news is the pay back is the weekend. saturday and sundays unsettled. we're still in the mid 70s. it looks like there is going to be showers and thunderstorms on and off all day. not quite as numerous on sunday, but temperatures in the mid 70s which is great. and then on monday still a few showers and thunderstorms with temperatures in the mid 70s. but we'll start 74, 75. >> very nice. >> good deal. >> thanks a lot. well, he's not exactly what you call a household name, but he might one day be. >> yes. and apparently he can only work in places called college because right now he's going to college station and he's going to be in college park. if he stays as long as gary did, he'll be here until 2033. mark turgeon is his name. he is the new head terp. plus the skins players and coaches do some rare lockout co-mingling. and the coolist ping-pong shot you will ever see. see if i'm right. 9 sports next.
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? it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> mark turgeon's greatest coaching moment came right here
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in washington. five years ago he led his team to the sweet 16 where they lost to george mason. five years later turgeon is come back. the texas a&m coach has been hired. he is a kansas native. he's led the aggies to the finals. he treats his players well. they call him a great coach and he's just 46 years old. that is two years older than gary was when he took over the terps. here is a file on turgeon. he played at kansas for roy williams who told him that at 5-foot 150 he would never play in the nba so he should become a coach. and it was williams who gave him his first job at kansas and his third job with the 76ers in the nba. seven seasons in wichita including their first trip to the dance. which brings us to george washington. and if you're an alum that feels your basketball program there has played step sister to the maryland and georgetown
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programs, you can't be thrilled with the timing of tonight's news because today was the day you were introducing your new head coach. mike lonigan. he coached catholic here in dc and was an assistant at marilyn under gary williams. and those step sister days are over. >> we're going to do things the right way. we're going to recruit quality student athletes. we're not going to cut any corners and we're going to build for the long-term. we have to get back to getting high quality players. >> it sounds like a plan. and if that is not enough coaching in our season, lang retired tonight. all right. there should be no professional contact between players and coaches during the lockout. does that mean if one of the redskins runs into mike shanahan at the safe way he's supposed to divert his eyes.
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perhaps. but apparently not on the golf course. a rare co-mingling of players and management today at the leukemia society golf classic. dozens of redskins players and staff mild together leading to some -- milled together leading to some awkward t box conversation. >> doing all right. >> all right. >> good to see you. >> keep it moving. [ laughing ] >> we're under strict rules. >> i don't think we can get any details about xs and os. >> just like the penguins in madagascar. smile and wave. albert haynesworth did not attend today. he has court tomorrow. time to pick our from baseball to softball on the menu. broad run has the kid aj powell who had three no hitters this season. go out and watch him.
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good chance he might throw another one. you can vote right now finally tonight in what will be the second table tennis highlight we've shown on this program, watch the guy closest. did you see what he did. he does the no look spin around. he spins around not even looking at the table and he hits a clean winner. he has many endorsement deals in china right now. i guarantee you. and the one thing i've learned from the table tennis community is don't call it ping-pong. they get very angry when you call it ping-pong. it's table tennis. ping-pong you play in the fraternity basement with two beer cups on the table. >> we'll be right back.
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late breaking news. the associated press reporting that former california governor and actor arnold schwarzenegger and his wife maria skriever are separating after 25 years of marriage. they will continue to parent their four children together. more on this breaking news tomorrow morning at 4:25 a.m. . and that is 9news for tonight. don't forget we're always on for you at you have a great evening. >> and as always, letterman is next. good night. ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah!
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